1. Nagging neck pain
  2. Dealing with fatigue
  3. The miracle of the spine
  4. Sleeping for health

Your overall health is important to your progress and healing.  If you have back pain and are also out of shape or deconditioned and over-weight and inactive, then you will not heal as fully as you could otherwise.  We will also look at your overall health status when counseling you regarding your musculoskeletal problems.


Manual treatments are hands on.  Dr. Gould provides soft tissue work in addition to manual spinal adjustments.


Therapies that may be utilized include:  Interferential therapy, Ultrasound therapy,  Hot and/or Cold packs,  and Stretching and Exercise.

Spinal Stabilization and core strengthening:

Working the paraspinal muscles to improve spinal strength is important for overall recovery and maintenance.  Exercises like the Bird Dog, Plank, Side Plank, and Curl ups will be recommended to strengthen the muscles of the lower back.

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  •  Nagging neck pain
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  • Dealing with fatigue
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Conservative chiropractic care and physical therapy methods should be the first line of care for many neuromusculoskeletal conditions.  Working to restore body mechanics can make significant changes in various conditions.  Pain pills and muscle relaxers don't  aid in the healing process.  That said, we work with many medical providers as well, referring patients back to their medical provider or on to a specialist when the patient's condition warrants such referral.



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